Brown Bess

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the old regulation flintlock smoothbore musket, with bronzed barrel, formerly used in the British army.

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The flintlock Brown Bess musket that had shattered all of Britain's enemies was replaced by a percussion musket in 1838.
David Clark UE gave a talk and demonstration of the Brown Bess Musket used by our ancestors in the American Revolutionary War.
She made it clear that it's a Brown Bess Musket and if you look closely, there is a small, silver circle on it that includes an engraving of the crown of King George III.
So furious was Cook that he shot the volumes of Hawkesworth with his Brown Bess musket.
Our classic gun test subject is the Brown Bess musket, and, finally, Richard Nance talks about shoot/don't shoot situations.
Goldstein and Mowbray present a pattern-by-pattern, full-color collector's guide to the Brown Bess musket, organized chronologically by pattern date.
I have about 20 books that I want to read and my wife bought me a Brown Bess musket dating from 1790 for my 60th birthday,' he added
There was the armored knight of the Middle Ages, the sword-wielding Japanese samurai, the British "Tommy" with his Brown Bess musket and the German panzer division of World War II, with its Panther and Tiger tanks.
The average infantryman armed with a smoothbore Brown Bess musket could load and fire his arm about three times a minute, while loading a Baker took about three times as long.
UXBRIDGE - The Brown Bess musket and French pistol recently donated by a former Uxbridge resident to a museum in Texas may not have actually fired the famed shot heard around the world, but the replica firearms were used by the Uxbridge Minutemen in about 300 Revolutionary War re-enactment battles in the Blackstone Valley.
The rest is history, and today, we have available to us excellent recreations of historic arms from the British Brown Bess musket to the rifles of Christian Sharps and later Winchester repeaters, as well as historic handguns from the Colt Patterson to the SAA.