Brown bill

Brown´ bill`

1.A bill or halberd of the 16th and 17th centuries. See 4th Bill.
Many time, but for a sallet, my brainpan had been cleft with a brown bill.
- Shak.
References in classic literature ?
There are scant crops and few beeves in the borderland, where a man must reap his grain with sickle in one fist and brown bill in the other.
With the yew bow and cloth-yard shaft at Cressy and Agincourt--with the brown bill and pike under the brave Lord Willoughby--with culverin and demi-culverin against Spaniards and Dutchmen--with hand-grenade and sabre, and musket and bayonet, under Rodney and St.
The Brown bill is a direct outgrowth of DAV's efforts.
The bills are distinguished primarily by a "Sense of the Senate" provision in the Brown bill that supports making elimination of the tax "revenue neutral.
BROWN BILL A much loved brother, brother-in-law and uncle.
Adjudicators Malcolm Brown bill and Paul Cosh gave the victory by a one-point margin from United Yorkshire Co-op in second place, with Vernon Building Society Poynton third.
Neil Brown bill, marketing director, said: "Princes has always stood for quality.
The Brown bill asks the SEC to make an exception for startups seeking small investments through crowdfunding.
Little, Brown bills the biography as offering "the inside story'' of the brilliant and contentious artist.