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And behind this cry was Japan, ever urging and aiding the yellow and brown races against the white.
Brown Madonna" was the name given by the late Baguio and the Mountain Province vicariate Bishop Emeliano Madangeg, immortalizing the Filipino's brown race and to honor Mama Mary.
We seem to have forgotten that we Pakistanis or Asian are born a brown race by the will and great thoughtfulness of Allah the Almighty.
L'ouvrage innove par son analyse americaine d'une problematique qui introduit un nouvel espace racial, les Bruns d'Asie (emprunte a la race brune en Amerique latine ou en anglais << Brown race >>), ne se reduisant plus uniquement a la dichotomie << Blancs/Noirs >>.
The Presidential race of 2008 as well as the 2009 Scott Brown race in Massachusetts showed the impact spending online can have on a campaign.
Mark Brown Race analyst Judged on yesterday's stunning performance, then no, but there's something stopping me from fully committing to that statement.
This is a different race than the Scott Brown race.
BROONIE'S BOW Brown races to Celtic fans to take plaudits after making it 2-1
When you start bombing the brown races of the world, you're an Englishman.
Widnes skipper Kevin Brown races away for a try during the Vikings' fourth round |Challenge Cup victory over Halifax at The Shay.
TAKING THE MIKE: Brown races clear for Harlequins JOY: Brown and Care CRUNCH: Leicester's Murphy