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At one point in the table-land of the mountain, there was a little koppie of brown stone, which served the double purpose of head-quarters and of a conning tower.
"Rocks beneath our very bows!" Through the belly of a great black wave, not one hundred paces to the front of them, there thrust forth a huge jagged mass of brown stone, which spouted spray as though it were some crouching monster, while a dull menacing boom and roar filled the air.
"I sold his brown stone apartment before-hand so he had the money."
Built from brown stone and render, the homes will have slate roofs and under-floor heating.
'Funnily enough, they used the same building for the remake of the movie Alfie because the big brown stone buildings in that part of Manchester look like New York.
Craster's whitewashed and brown stone houses are a honeypot for tourists, who are drawn to the unmistakable whiff of fish from Robson's smokehouse, where herrings are kippered and salmon smoked over oak chip fires.
DAVAO CITY -- Timuay Santos Unsad, a Teduray leader, knew Camp Omar ibn al-Khattab by heart, not as a camp of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), but as a site of a sacred stone that the Tedurays call "batew," a brown stone as big as a hill that never stops growing.
RIGHT Dress, pounds 34.99, H&M; bracelet, pounds 32, Agatha; purple stone ring, pounds 59, Fenwick; brown stone ring, pounds 59.99, H Samuel.
Examples include earthy lichen green and sparkling amethyst orchid; a turquoise Caribbean sea and a festive Mars red; yellow freesia and coral rose; an Amparo blue and a rich brown stone, often accented by bold black or shimmering touches of gold and/or silver.
The mansion is been built in brown stone topped with an ornate medieval- style roof.
It had a few shelves and a brown stone sink with one cold water tap.
Nymph patterns, such as a rubberleg brown stone and a peacock-body stone tied on #10 and #12 hooks, also work well.