Brown-Sequard syndrome

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Brown-Sé·quard syn·drome

n. síndrome de Brown Séquard, hemisección de la médula espinal que causa hiperestesia en el lado lesionado y pérdida de la sensibilidad en el lado opuesto.
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Brown-Sequard syndrome secondary to post-traumatic vertebral artery dissection and subsequent vascular embolic stroke.
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We report on a late recurrence case of cervical SNC successfully treated with the anterior approach for partial Brown-Sequard syndrome, developing 22 years after a marked shrinkage of the cyst and complete return of function with posterior shunting operation.
Brown-Sequard syndrome due to penetrating injury by an iron fence point.
The Brown-Sequard syndrome describing hemicord section is well known in neurophysiology; that single discovery alone is enough to grant him immortality in the annals of science.
Furthermore, chronic throat symptoms [25], back pain [26], Brown-Sequard syndrome [27], Horner syndrome [28], intracranial hypotension [29, 30], chronic obstructive pneumonia [31], traumatic thoracic aortic rupture [32], esophageal perforation [33], and acute urinary retention [34] have been described as osteophytic complications.
[4] The latter may present as Brown-Sequard syndrome, central cord syndrome, anterior cord syndrome, and posterior cord syndrome or rarely as monoparesis of upper or lower extremities.