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This article deals with the first passage problem of a Brownian motion with a constant drift.
In this paper, we will use the spline-based method to reconstruct the PSD coupling with PBEs describing Brownian coagulation in the free molecule regime and continuum regime.
All the discussions above are based on the underlying asset price obeying the geometric Brownian motion, which implies that the changes of underlying asset price are mutually independent random variables and the return on assets obeys the normal distribution.
At first sight, the migration of nonmotile cells is essentially a random walk, very similar to thermally driven Brownian particles.
The decreasing of viscosity should be conducive to the settlement of solid particles, but at the same time solid particles doing Brownian motion.
"Random markets, random data, that's what you assume; Brownian Motion, that sort of stuff.
In classical quantitative finance, it is usual to suppose that risky asset price's dynamics are driven by Brownian motions, as proposed for the first time by Bachelier in 1900 in his Ph.D thesis.
Particle Metrix's ZetaView provides individual particle tracking, classical micro-electrophoresis and Brownian motion, presented as modern, easy-to-use analysis tools.
Manipulation of single myosin molecules and Brownian steps of myosin
In recent years, (2) consisting of Brownian motions with or without external field and inverse [alpha]-stable subordinator are becoming a hot topic [8-17].
Nield and Kuznetsov [9] presented the influence of Brownian motion and thermophoresis on natural convection boundary layer flow past a vertical plate suspended in a porous medium.