brownie point

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Brownie point

also brownie point
n. Informal
An amount of credit considered as earned, especially by favorably impressing one having power or influence.

[From the practice of awarding points for achievement to Brownies in the Girl Scouts.]

Brownie point

a notional mark to one's credit earned for being seen to do the right thing
[C20: from the mistaken notion that Brownie Guides earn points for good deeds]

brown′ie point`

a credit toward advancement or good standing gained esp. by currying favor.
[1960–65; from the point system used by Brownies for advancement]
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For the sweet tooth, La Fiesta offers- scrumptious and indulgent brands like Baskin Robbins and Brownie Point. The sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream from Brownie Point and the 31 varieties of rich and creamy ice cream from Baskin Robbins is sure to appeal to all ages.
However, when I looked closely at his biased view justifying successive American governments going into wars, including the Iraq invasion and the affectionate term he used for "our American friends", it is clear the man is trying to earn a Brownie point or two from good old Uncle Sam.
+ 1 brownie point for how easy it is to drive in any condition
And didn't turn an interest' Tha| HEAVEN knows there's little to break the dull rhythm of the rubber stamp falling at a full council meeting, so half a Brownie point to Lord Mayor Gary Crookes for leading the chamber in a chorus of Happy Birthday To You for council leader Ann Lucas.
+ 1 brownie point for a clean and neat looking compact sedan
+ 1 brownie point for managing to combining a rugged and cute look
+ 1 brownie point for simple lines to give a sporty look to the CUV
Durex say celebrity brownie point princes include burglar-battling Ozzy Osbourne and Vic Reeves, husband of I'm A Celebrity's Nancy Sorrell, who arrived in the jungle this week.
Is this someone trying to gain brownie points by penny pinching?
Malacanang cautioned De Lima against using the issues for political mileage and scoring brownie points.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], May 11 (ANI): Clarifying his predecessor Nawaz Sharif 's recent statement about the Mumbai attacks, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Tuesday appealed the opposition members not to put the country's national security in jeopardy for earning brownie points politically.
I must say, most of the time I really don't mind as it is nice to have my Saturdays free, but I keep up the annoyed wife act as it earns me brownie points for later in the year.