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or Brue·gel also Breu·ghel  (broi′gəl, bro͞o′-, brœ′-), Pieter Known as "the Elder." 1525?-1569.
Flemish painter noted for his landscapes and his lively genre scenes, including Peasant Wedding (c. 1567). His son Pieter (1564-1638?), known as "the Younger," is primarily remembered for his copies of his father's works, while another son, Jan (1568-1625), is frequently called "the Flower Brueghel" or "the Velvet Brueghel" for the silky detail of his still-life paintings.
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org/2017/09/remaking-europe/ updating and complementing a previous Bruegel Blueprint: Veugelers, R.
Jin made the comment in a speech at an event jointly hosted by Bruegel and the Egmont Institute.
China is the fintech leader, with a market worth $102 billion in 2015, according to a paper prepared by the Brussels-based think-tank Bruegel for the Tallinn meeting.
Concerning the title, Andersson imagined a pigeon watching humans, in addition to being inspired by 'Hunters of the Snow' (1565) painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
The news echoed the plot of Michael Frayn's comic novel Headlong, which revolves around the discovery of a long-lost masterpiece by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c.
pdf) assets after Brexit, the nondoctrinal Bruegel economic think tank has estimated.
The series also includes books on Da Vinci, Cezanne, Bruegel, Goya and Monet.
Sylvie Matherat urged European policy makers to increase their efforts in creating a Capital Markets Union and more developed debt and equity markets in Europe at the Annual Meetings conference of European think tank Bruegel on September 7.
La promotion et le renforcement du partenariat entre l'Algerie et l'Union europeenne (UE) dans le domaine des energies renouvelables et de l'efficacite energetique devraient constituer la priorite du nouveau schema de cooperation energetique, ont estime des experts du think tank europeen Bruegel, base a Bruxelles.
In this frequently reproduced masterpiece, Bruegel portrays a peaceful and harmonious scene in which industrious and even fun-loving people-skating, falling, curling, playing hockey, and spinning tops--manage to survive the harsh winter with no food in sight but a single thin hare.
It's as if the Bruegel painting could be run backwards to produce
When a contemporary art website recently asked artist Michael Kerbow what one piece of art from the world's collections he would like to own, he was quick with his answer: The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel, with Bruegel's The Triumph of Death a close second.