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or Brue·gel also Breu·ghel  (broi′gəl, bro͞o′-, brœ′-), Pieter Known as "the Elder." 1525?-1569.
Flemish painter noted for his landscapes and his lively genre scenes, including Peasant Wedding (c. 1567). His son Pieter (1564-1638?), known as "the Younger," is primarily remembered for his copies of his father's works, while another son, Jan (1568-1625), is frequently called "the Flower Brueghel" or "the Velvet Brueghel" for the silky detail of his still-life paintings.
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In this frequently reproduced masterpiece, Bruegel portrays a peaceful and harmonious scene in which industrious and even fun-loving people-skating, falling, curling, playing hockey, and spinning tops--manage to survive the harsh winter with no food in sight but a single thin hare.
Francesco Papadia, a non-resident fellow at the Bruegel Institute in Brussels and a former director general for market operations at the ECB, said, 'It is always a worry when lower market activity reduces the solidity of a market price.
The island's financial assistance package may have been a success but significant challenges remain with the reduction of the high stock of non-performing loans (NPLs) considered as the top priority, a Bruegel think tank conference heard.
Scotland s economic strategy has set a dual mandate to deliver economic success alongside a fairer and more inclusive economy; this is what Deputy First Minister John Swinney will tell Brussels based think-tank, Bruegel, today (September 21).
Nonetheless, "the program is the program," asserts Zsolt Darvas from the economic research institute Bruegel in Brussels.
It's as if the Bruegel painting could be run backwards to produce
Bruegel, an influential EU affairs think-tank in Brussels, proposed in a paper presented to the ministers that the EU should first focus on a limited number of reforms to maintain momentum in building a capital markets union.
On his part, Nicolas Veron, senior fellow at Bruegel, a Brussels-based European think tank specializing in economics, said the drop in the euro exchange rate is due to the European Central Bank'a (ECB) policy shift.
As a result, the budget rules put nations under pressure to either limp along under current policy or go to battle over how to ease the short-term impact on voters, said Guntram Wolff, director of the Bruegel research group in Brussels.
When a contemporary art website recently asked artist Michael Kerbow what one piece of art from the world's collections he would like to own, he was quick with his answer: The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel, with Bruegel's The Triumph of Death a close second.
These include Tintoretto's Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan, Francesco del Cossa's The Annunciation, Bruegel the Elder's The Adoration of the Magi, Titian's The Venus of Urbino and Velazquez' Las Meninas.
The Van Buuren collection features paintings that span five centuries of art, including Flemish and Italian masters, oil paintings by the sons of Bruegel and a piece from the school of Rembrandt, according to its website.