n.1.(Zool.) The rhesus monkey. See Rhesus.
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Hey Kib Montalbo, I don't care, you better hope I don't catch you outside bruh,' tweeted Ahanmisi.
When news of their trip emerged, Relissa shared a photo of the trio online with the caption: "Not that deep bruh.
the verb form), pwn, rly, cat cafe, manic pixie dream girl, bruh, and NBD ("no big deal," of course).
Other new additions include bruh, describing a male friend, pocket dial, meaning to accidentally call someone while your phone is in a pocket, and mkay, representing the informal pronunciation of OK.
IF it's beer o'clock and you're looking for some awsomesauce bants with your best bruh, read on.
Steven Bruhn of West Boylston, Paula Bruh and her partner, John Genelli, of West Boylston, Elizabeth Baldi and her husband, Mark of West Boylston, Theresa Rock and her husband, William, of Pelham, Jo Ann Smith and her husband, Larry, of Shutesbury and Carla Rubin of Uxbridge; one sister, Frances DiMeo of Worcester; a sister-in-law,Ann Tanona of Worcester; 19 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.
Several studies have demonstrated that music helps children learn cognitive skills and general knowledge (Bilhartz, Bruh, & Olson, 2000; Standley, Walworth, & Nguyen, 2009).
You don't come out no store in the Hood and not pay attention, bruh.
BRUH 2,18,21,8 (the action of breaking fracture, fig.
Gruber M, Bruh S and Gollhofer A (2006): Specific adaptations of neuromuscular control and knee joint stiffness following sensorimotor training.
Bruh Rabbit and the Tar Baby Girl by Virginia Hamilton, pictures by James Ransome, Blue Sky Press/Scholastic October 2003, $16.