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Noun1.Bruno Walter - German conductor (1876-1962)
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In taking on the role of the 21st Gewandhaus "Kapellmeister," Nelsons is now in league with a series of famous predecessors, including Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Wilhelm Furtwangler, Kurt Masur and Bruno Walter.
Leonard Bernstein was enjoying a career on the upswing after temporarily replacing Bruno Walter as conductor of the New York Philharmonic.
Sojourning abroad in Los Angeles, Unger found comfort in the company of other German-speaking Jewish emigre artists, such as Arnold Schoenberg, Max Steiner, and Bruno Walter. This insightful sketch of Unger's life and work, together with other essays in the volume, shows both how local context mattered, and how Jews have relied on transnational networks to find work, companionship, and meaning in their lives.
Perceptive conductor Bruno Walter used to say that "'Mahler always sought after God, while Bruckner had found Him."
Perceptive conductor Bruno Walter used to say that "Mahler always sought after God, while Bruckner had found Him".
With the support of both notable musicians such as Yehudi Menuhin and Bruno Walter and Hollywood personalities including Walter Pidgeon, the Music Academy of the West celebrated its first season in 1947, residing at the Cate School near Santa Barbara (48-49).
She was deeply loved and is much missed, but as Bruno Walter said of another alto, Kathleen Ferrier, she deserves to be remembered 'in a major key'.
It does not take everything said about Gustav Mahler by, for instance, Alma Mahler or Bruno Walter, for the truth; in fact, one of the strengths of the book is that it shows how complex tiller's relationship to those two individuals was.
His wife Alma, who was f***ing everybody who was coming by - Gropius, Kokoschka, Werfel, and Bruno Walter, among others - sent him to see Freud.
Among the visitors were Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, conductor Bruno Walter and writers Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Thomas Mann (in 1905, Mann married one of the Pringsheim daughters).