Brunswick green

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Bruns´wick green`

1.An oxychloride of copper, used as a green pigment; also, a carbonate of copper similarly employed.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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HMG produces paints in various color ranges including agricultural, commercial vehicle, RAL & British standard and even traditional steam train colors such as "Middle Brunswick Green," and maintains a color library of more than 200,000 colors.
Susanne Schoeman: "Live in Brunswick Green and planes don't bother us at all.
12 Sandford Mews, Brunswick Green, Wideopen, is available for sale through Sanderson Young for offers in excess of PS185,000, tel: 0191 213 0033.
The LNER A3 loco is now painted in a striking BR Brunswick Green livery after a lengthy PS4.2m overhaul.
"Fans can see the famous locomotive back in steam and resplendent in its BR brunswick green livery, following the painstaking PS4.2 million project to bring it back to life at Riley and Sons Engineering in Bury, Lancashire."
The bus, which is in the style of a half cab, will be joined by a 1965 Mid Brunswick green double-decker bus that Caerphilly Urban District Council restored last year, and a yellow and chocolate 1979 Rhymney Valley bus.
She had planned a party for herself at the Brunswick Green hotel to enjoy what should have been a milestone in her young life.
Yn 1976, pan oedd Edward Stobart yn 22 oed, iard ar rent yn Carlisle gyda lle i 15 lori oedd yno ond, yn y flwyddyn gyntaf honno, wyth lori oedd ganddo ac fe adawodd y lliwiau arnynt yr un fath a'i dad sef y "Post Office Red a Brunswick Green." Erbyn hyn mae'r lliw gwyrdd wedi mynd yn fwy tywyll a'r enw mewn melyn/oren sydd mor gyfarwydd.
Built in 1923, the LNER A3 loco - the first steam loco to reach 100mph - is now painted in a striking BR Brunswick Green livery after a lengthy PS4.2m overhaul.
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