Brush wheel

Brush´ wheel`

1.A wheel without teeth, used to turn a similar one by the friction of bristles or something brushlike or soft attached to the circumference.
2.A circular revolving brush used by turners, lapidaries, silversmiths, etc., for polishing.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When you are ready, some of the tools you will need are safety mask and glasses, assembly/disassembly books and schematics, vise with padded jaws, pin vise, ball peen hammer, files with safe edges, needle files, screwdrivers and punches, abrasive cloth in 80-600 grit, 0000 steel wool, oil, Happich Simichrome Metal Polish, Acraglas gel and release agent, wooden dowels and sanding blocks, bench grinder holding a 0.0025" wire brush wheel, degreaser, and bluing solvent.
Italian brush manufacturer 'Pennelli Faro heightened customer awareness at Cosmopack with a "brush wheel" enhancing, the outside walls of their booth.
Most people mount a medium or coarse stone on one shaft of their grinder for rough work and a fine stone or wire brush wheel on the other for delicate tasks.
But the Dimension Data man appeared to brush wheels with Groenewegen and did not truly contest the sprint before rolling home in 10th on the road, up to eighth once Greipel and Gaviria were removed from the results.