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Baseball An inside, usually high fastball intended to force the batter to move away from the plate.


(Ball Games, other than specified) baseball a pitch that narrowly misses the batter



n. Baseball.
a fastball pitched high and inside, forcing the batter to lean away from the plate.
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The right of every American to first-class citizenship is the most important issue today," reads Robinson's brushback pitch of an opening line.
At the plate, he stepped back from a brushback pitch, worked the count to ball four, and trotted to first.
SOUTHBRIDGE - Town Manager Christopher Clark saw his first brushback pitch from town councilors.
And that "disingenuous" was definitely a brushback pitch.
Butler suspects that the incident was intentional, coming in retaliation for a brushback pitch a JetHawks pitcher threw in the eighth inning, when Inland Empire attempted to steal a base with a five-run lead, violating what's considered baseball's unwritten etiquette.
This brought a smile to Robbins' face, and her good-natured retort indicated a brushback pitch would be a more likely scenario.
He delivers an obvious brushback pitch that hits the batter on the head and knocks him cold--and the umpire doesn't even issue a warning to the pitcher.
There was no styling in the field or agonizingly slow check-me-out home run trots or taunting curtain calls or charging the mound after every brushback pitch or standing at home plate to admire home runs or wearing advertising caps and T-shirts for postgame press conferences.