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Noun1.Bryaceae - a family of acrocarpous mosses
moss family - a family of mosses
Eubryales, order Eubryales - mosses with perennial erect gametophores and stems with rows of leaves and drooping capsules
Bryum, genus Bryum - type genus of the Bryaceae: mosses distinguished by mostly erect and tufted gametophytes and symmetrical short-necked capsules
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Proposal to conserve the name Bryum pallescens againts Hypnum boreale (Bryum boreale) (Bryaceae, Bryophyta).
Stark LR, McLetchie DN and Eppley SM (2010) Sex ratios and the shy male hypothesis in the moss Bryum argenteum (Bryaceae).
The most abundant families to date are Entodontidaceae, Mnia-ceae, Leskeaceae and Bryaceae.
The taxonomic concepts and phylogenetic relations among genera of the families Mielichhoferiaceae, Bryaceae, and Mniaceae have given rise to much controversy in recent years [4].
Las familias mejor representadas en cuanto al numero de generos y especies son: Dicranaceae (14 generos/52 especies), Orthotrichaceae (7/31), Bryaceae (11/30), Bartramiaceae (5/27), Sematophyllaceae (8/25), Pottiaceae (12/23), Pilotrichaceae (7/22), Meteoriaceae (8/19), Fissidentaceae (1/17), Brachytheciaceae (6/14), Hypnaceae (9/13), Neckeraceae (4/13), Calymperaceae (2/12) y Polytrichaceae (5/12).
Bryum nanoapiculatum (Bryaceae, Musci), a species new to the moss flora of the Arabian Peninsula.
Families like Pottiaceae and Bryaceae appear poorly represented in the list.