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 (brī′ənt), William Cullen 1794-1878.
American poet, critic, and editor known especially for his early nature poems, such as "Thanatopsis" (1811) and "To a Waterfowl" (1821). As editor and part owner (1829-1878) of the New York Evening Post he advocated reforms ranging from abolitionism to free trade.


(Biography) David. born 1931, British bowler; many times world champion


(ˈbraɪ ənt)

William Cullen, 1794–1878, U.S. poet and journalist.
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For God hath marked each sorrowing day, And numbered every bitter tear, And heaven's long years of bliss shall pay For all his children suffer here." BRYANT.[1]
[1] This poem does not appear in the collected works of William Cullen Bryant, nor in the collected poems of his brother, John Howard Bryant.
"Miss Cornelia Bryant. She'll likely be over to see you soon, seeing you're Presbyterians.
Stewart, Thurlow Weed, Peter Cooper, Cyrus McCormick, Lucretia Mott, Bryant, Longfellow, and Emerson.
Among the minor poems of Bryant, none has so much impressed me as the one which he entitles "June." I quote only a portion of it: --
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