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n. Norse Mythology
A Valkyrie who is revived from an enchanted sleep by Sigurd, who falls in love with her and proposes to her.


(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth a Valkyrie won as the wife of Gunnar by Sigurd who wakes her from an enchanted sleep: corresponds to Brunhild in the Nibelungenlied


(ˈbrɪn hɪld)

(in the Volsunga Saga) a Valkyrie and the wife of Gunnar. See Brunhild.
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Noun1.Brynhild - a Valkyrie or a queen in the Nibelungenlied who loved the hero Siegfried; when he deceived her she had him killed and then committed suicide
mythology - myths collectively; the body of stories associated with a culture or institution or person
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
Teuton - a member of the ancient Germanic people who migrated from Jutland to southern Gaul and were annihilated by the Romans
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to rapidly excelling from the position as a Reservoir Engineer to his current position as a Senior Reservoir Engineer for the industry leading Lundin Petroleum AB, with a focus on the Brynhild and Johan Sverdrup fields in Norway.
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27) Vanessa Bell's son Quentin also married into the second generation of 1880s socialism (twice over) in 1952 by wedding Anne Olivier Popham, the daughter of Brynhild Olivier (daughter of Sydney and sister of Noel) and Arthur Ewart 'Hugh' Popham (nephew of Ernest Radford).