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Noun1.Bryophyta - a division of nonflowering plants characterized by rhizoids rather than true roots and having little or no organized vascular tissue and showing alternation of generations between gamete-bearing forms and spore-bearing forms; comprises true mosses (Bryopsida) and liverworts (Hepaticopsida) and hornworts (Anthoceropsida)
division - (botany) taxonomic unit of plants corresponding to a phylum
kingdom Plantae, plant kingdom, Plantae - (botany) the taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct plants
bryophyte, nonvascular plant - any of numerous plants of the division Bryophyta
moss family - a family of mosses
moss genus - a genus of mosses
Anthoceropsida, class Anthoceropsida - hornworts: in some classification systems included in the class Hepaticopsida
Bryopsida, class Bryopsida, class Musci, Musci - true mosses: bryophytes having leafy rather than thalloid gametophytes: comprises orders Andreaeales; Bryales; Dicranales; Eubryales; Sphagnales
class Hepaticae, class Hepaticopsida, Hepaticae, Hepaticopsida - liverworts: comprises orders Anthocerotales; Jungermanniales; Marchantiales; Sphaerocarpales
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Pollen and Spore Morphology / Plant Taxonomy - Gymnospermae, Pteridopyhta, Bryophyta.
Approximately 7411 plant species (excluding Bryophyta Algae and Fungi) have been identified in Sabah and about 80% of the indigenous plants were used by local communities.
Dentre as especies da Divisao Bryophyta estao os musgos (SILVA, 2003).
For a historical perspective, Bold and coauthors (1980) employed the division names Hepatophyta, Anthocerotophyta, and Bryophyta for the liverworts, hornworts, and mosses, respectively.