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Noun1.Bryum - type genus of the Bryaceae: mosses distinguished by mostly erect and tufted gametophytes and symmetrical short-necked capsules
moss genus - a genus of mosses
Bryaceae, family Bryaceae - a family of acrocarpous mosses
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Sunagoke (racomitrium moss) and gingoke (silvergreen bryum moss) are among the varieties tolerant of dryness.
Proposal to conserve the name Bryum pallescens againts Hypnum boreale (Bryum boreale) (Bryaceae, Bryophyta).
Seasonality of the phenological cycle has been demonstrated for Atrichum androgynum (Biggs and Gibson 2006), Atrichum undulatum, Bryum argenteum (Miles et al.
Brachythecium campestre (Muel.Hal.) and Bryum caespiticum (Hedw., Sp.
Bryum bimum is now recognized as a variety and was united with B.
The most abundant genera to date are Entodon, Mnium, Thuidium and Bryum. The most abundant families to date are Entodontidaceae, Mnia-ceae, Leskeaceae and Bryaceae.
Pohlia cruda (1), Bryum argenteum (5), and Mnium spinosum (8) are the type species of genera Pohlia, Bryum and Mnium.
The species of BSCs that have been identified are Bryum pallescens, Bryum recurvulum Mitt, Bryum argenteum, and Barbula unguiculata Hedw.
El muestreo que se realizo fue sistematico estableciendo un cuadrante de 40 x 40 m (1,600 [m.sup.2]), dentro del cual se delimitaron cinco areas de 100 [m.sup.2] cada una, en las que se seleccionaron un arbol con musgo del genero Bryum sp.
Las especies con amplia distribucion son: Bryum argenteum, cuyo rango se halla entre 604 y 4000 m, Bartramia longifolia entre 50 y 3075 m, Platyhypnidium aquaticum entre 450 y 3050 m, Breutelia chrysea entre 1777 y 3800 m, Philonotis uncinata entre 5 y 3050 m, Bryum densifolium entre 940 y 3000 m, Holomitrium arboreum entre 900 y 2980 m, Mittenothamnium reptans entre 850 y 3400 m, Leskeadelphus angustatusentre 570 y 3000 m, Meteoridium remotifolium entre 910 y 3200 m, Orthostichella versicolor entre 910 y 3100 m, Zelometeorium patulum entre 20 y 2700 m, Phyllogonium fulgens entre 900 y 3280 m y Thuidium delicatulum entre 850 y 3100 m.