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D Fieldhouse E, EL, PY; S Goode ASC Dbl, HS bt; J Greaves A, ME, RM; C Greenwood A, B, DRA; R Greenwood E, EL, ME; R Greenwood A, ME, BUS bt dbl; T Hales BUS, E, ASC; S Halstead B, PE, PY; S Hanif E, SOC, HS bt dbl; E Hargreaves ME, P, RM; J Hartley C, MA, P; A Haycock DRA, LW, HS bt dbl; I Hellens B, C, MA; A Henderson EL, LW, TX; L Henderson BUS, E, LW; N Hodgson E, EL, SOC; E Holmes T, ASC Dbl; E Howarth A, E, TX; R Hoyle PE, ASC, PE bt.
US Open women's singles second round: (6) M Seles bt A Kremer 6-3 6-4, C Rubin bt B Schett 2-6 6-1 6-1, (11) S Testud bt I Tulyaganova 6-4 6-3, (3) V Williams bt K Hrdlickova, 6-1 6-1, K Boogert bt. A Sugiyama 6-3 6-4.
The current strategy comes from the observation that insects need two copies of a resistance gene to laugh off Bt. A refuge is expected to provide a haven for Bt-susceptible moths.
But you don't want to implant BT in MCI or MCI in BT. You want to blend the two to develop a brand new culture for Concert that is all of the things everybody aspires to - international and fast-moving.
A staple of that regimen, technically known as integrated pest management, are the toxins produced by the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis and collectively dubbed Bt.