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Noun1.Bubalus - in some classification systems included in genus BosBubalus - in some classification systems included in genus Bos; water buffaloes
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Bovidae, family Bovidae - true antelopes; cattle; oxen; sheep; goats
Asiatic buffalo, Bubalus bubalis, water buffalo, water ox - an Asian buffalo that is often domesticated for use as a draft animal
Anoa mindorensis, Bubalus mindorensis, tamarao, tamarau - small buffalo of Mindoro in the Philippines
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TAXONOMICALLY, a water buffalo is a water buffalo, Bos bubalus, and the species has been domesticated and moved around for so long it's pretty hard to separate them.
89 million metric tonnes of beef India exported in 2012-2013 were derived largely from herds of the native water buffalo Bubalus bubalis.
They are typically phloem sap feeders and a few are considered minor pests of agriculture in subtropical regions of the world, such as Stictocephala bisonia Kopp & Yonke, 1977 (= Membracis bubalus Fabricius, 1794 (in part) (the buffalo treehopper), Umbonia crassicornis (Amyot & Serville) (thorn bug), Spissistilus festinus (Say) (three-cornered alfalfa hopper), Aconophora compressa Walker and Oxyrhachis spp.
Beyond that we have Bison bison, Bubalus arnee, and Syncerus caffer.
Compreendendo 19 especies agrupadas na sub-familia Bovide, genero Bubalus, especie bubalus bubalis, sendo esta divida em "bufalo de pantano" e "bufalo de rio", que apresentam caracteristicas produtivas diferenciadas, para trabalho e carne ou para producao leiteira, respectivamente.
Una noche el hechizo se rompio, por culpa de los bufalos: uno, grande y negro, estaba plantado en medio de la carretera y ella debio detener el coche en una maniobra de ultimo segundo para no estrellarse contra la masa de 800 kilogramos, el peso que alcanzan los machos adultos de la especie introducida en Cuba, bubalus bubalis o bufalo asiatico.
Palabras clave: Bufalos de agua, censo, caracterizacion de los sistemas, Costa Rica, Bubalus bubalis.
Caracteristicas fundamentales del Bubalus bubalis, Kerr 1792 (Mcdonald 2001, Schakelton et al.
Walking through the silent gorge we saw other wonderful engravings that we'd seen during our earlier visit: a bubalus (extinct buffalo) upon which were superimposed a series of joined spirals (which symbolise fertility in some cultures), another bubalus surrounded by four dog-headed men, and some crude, more recent etchings of men mounted on camels, waving spears and swords.