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An ancient city of northeast Egypt in the Nile Delta. It was a religious center for the worship of the cat-headed god Bast.
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The other example is that we visited a hill named Bubastis in Zagazig city, which holds a big temple full of precious Roman and Pharaonic monuments.
Many cats were mummified in the city of Bubastis, the centre of worship of the cat goddess, and then buried in special cat cemeteries," the post says, "This mummified cat, whose face can still be seen, would have had its insides removed and filled with earth or sand before being wrapped in bandages soaked in natron (salt) or resin.
Such representations are usually taken to be Mahes, the god of Leontopolis and Bubastis, whereas Weiss identifies most of them as Horus of Pe/Horus son of Wadjet.
a la mort du Pharaon Psoussenes II, un repondant au nom de Sheshnaq accede au statut de Pharaon d'Egypte en soumettant tout le Delta du Nil, ainsi que la grande pretrise egyptienne sous son autorite, et fonda sa capitale a Bubastis.
Shoshenq I (943-922 BC), sponsored the development of Bubastis as a centre of worship for the goddess Bast on east of the Nile Delta.
From the high terrace they both watched Egypt sleeping beneath a stifling sky and the river rolling its oily waves towards Bubastis or Saia through the black delta that it divides.
He was of the opinion that the moon was called Bendis in Thrace, Bubastis in Egypt, Dian in Rome, and Artemis in Greece' (215).
Egypt was a nation of clans and tribes, each with their own totemic animal (Mellen, 1940; Malek, 1993) and Bubastis was a center of cat worship, and their totem was Bastet (or Pasht).
Asi pues, si figuran las inscripciones siguientes: las que mencionan expresamente a las divinidades del circulo isiaco (Anubis, Apis, Bubastis, Harpocrates, Hermanubis, Horus, Hydreios, Isis, Neilos, Nephthys, Osiris y Serapis); las que mencionan a un miembro del sacerdocio o un devoto isiaco; las que mencionan algun elemento del ritual isiaco; las que mencionan algun navio cuyo nombre se inspira en el de Isis o el de Serapis; las que figuran en soportes que presentan algun elemento identificado como isiaco; y finalmente, las inscripciones diversas encontradas en santuarios isiacos.
Although that suggestive gesture itself once had a sacred significance in the context of the fertility rites performed in honour of the goddess Bastet or Isis Bubastis.
The Book of the Dead, equated the cat with the sun and when the pet cat of a wealthy family died, it was embalmed and buried in the cat cemetery of Bubastis.