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An ancient city of northeast Egypt in the Nile Delta. It was a religious center for the worship of the cat-headed god Bast.
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12:2-9), who raided Judah, seizing its fortified cities and besieging Jerusalem in Rehoboam's fifth regnal year, circa 925, is--despite the obvious similarities in the names and the fact that both kings campaigned in the Levant--to be clearly distinguished from Hedjkheperre Sho-shenq I, the Libyan founder of the Egyptian Dynasty XXII, whose triumphal reliefs next to the Bubastite Gate at Karnak describe his campaigns in Syria, Canaan, the Negev, and Trans-jordan.
These words of the cat-god Atum-Ra, taken from an Egyptian religious text of the 22nd Bubastite Dynasty (945-715 B.C.), may be the origin of the modern notion that a cat has nine lives.
After all, the book begins with Dynasty XXI and continues through the century or so of Dynasty XXII (Bubastite), during which "anarchy" was not prevalent for about one century.