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ink·jet printer

A printer that forms an image by using electromagnetic fields to guide electrically charged ink streams onto the page.
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As it was promised in the original promotional video, the park had a roller coaster ride filled with bubbly water called the 'Onsen Bubble Jet Roller Coaster.' It proved to be an instant hit and had a line as early as 10 a.m.
Already, the additive technology, which puts layers of material like bubble jet printer prints image with ink dots, has been put to use in a variety of ways - from making birthday cakes to producing prosthetic parts and aircraft wings.
I have been fascinated with using technology in agriculture since 1990, after buying a programmable Intermec barcode reader, a Toshiba laptop equipped with Rbase database software and a Canon bubble jet printer that I could run through my Toyota pickup's cigarette lighter.
The author undertook investigation of innovations at three companies: Sony's Vaio 505, Toyota's Prius, and Canon's Bubble Jet Printer BJ-10v.
The bubble jet effect occurs when a torpedo or mine detonates in the water some distance away, creating a pillar of water that rises up to 100 meters, damaging a ship heavily.
Its product range is divided between Business Solutions (developing IT products, solutions and services for both the office and professional print environments) and Consumer Imaging (photography, video and digital camera, Bubble Jet printers).
Shot and edited photograph can be realized with different printing techniques among which dominant are: piezoelectric ink jet printing, bubble jet printing, sublimation printing and printing with digital laser photographic printer (Mikota et al., 2006).
In the drop on demand technology, there are: valve jet, piezoelectric, thermal or bubble jet and hotmelt or phase-change ink jet technology.
Originally established in 1937 as a camera manufacturer, Canon's extensive range of products now includes copiers, Bubble Jet and laser printers, cameras, video equipment, medical equipment and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment.
Flexibility and portability are the two words that come to mind with Canon's i80 color Bubble Jet printer.