Bubo virginianus

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Noun1.Bubo virginianus - brown North American horned owlBubo virginianus - brown North American horned owl  
horned owl - large owls having prominent ear tufts
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773) that were previously identified as Bubo virginianus are within the size range of Strix brea and are here referred to this species.
Species of Confirmation Date Mass of Prey Sex of Predator of Predation (g) Prey Bubo virginianus 16 June 1996 134 Male (great horned owl) Lampropeltis getula 6 June 1996 108 Male (common kingsnake) Crotalus horridus 19 August 1996 140 Female (timber rattlesnake) Elaphe obsoleta 26 September 1996 169 Male (rat snake) Crotalus horridus 8 October 1996 118 Male (timber rattlesnake)
The developmental cycle of Caryospora bubonis Cawthorn and Stockdale 1981 (Protozoa: Eimeriidae) in the Great Horned Owl, Bubo virginianus (Gmelin).