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a. The skin of a male deer.
b. A soft, often grayish-yellow leather usually having a suede finish, once made from deerskins but now generally made from sheepskins.
2. buckskins Clothing, especially breeches or shoes, made from buckskin.
3. A person who wears buckskins, especially an American backwoodsman or soldier in the Revolutionary War.
4. A horse of a grayish-yellow color.

buck′skin′ adj.


1. (Textiles) the skin of a male deer
2. (Tanning)
a. a strong greyish-yellow suede leather, originally made from deerskin but now usually made from sheepskin
b. (as modifier): buckskin boots.
3. (sometimes capital) US a person wearing buckskin clothes, esp an American soldier of the Civil War
4. (Textiles) a stiffly starched cotton cloth
5. (Textiles) a strong satin-woven woollen fabric
(Colours) greyish-yellow



1. the skin of a buck or deer.
2. a strong, soft, yellowish or grayish leather, orig. prepared from deerskins, now usu. from sheepskins.
3. buckskins, breeches or shoes made of buckskin.
4. a horse the color of buckskin.
5. Archaic. a person, esp. a backwoodsman, dressed in buckskin.
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Noun1.buckskin - horse of a light yellowish dun color with dark mane and tail
mount, riding horse, saddle horse - a lightweight horse kept for riding only
2.buckskin - a soft yellowish suede leather originally from deerskin but now usually from sheepskin
leather - an animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning
جِلْدُ الغَزال
mjúkt leîur
geyik derisigüderi


[ˈbʌkskɪn] N(cuero m de) ante m


[ˈbʌkskɪn] npeau f de daimbuck teeth n
to have buck teeth → avoir les dents en avant


[ˈbʌkˌskɪn] npelle f di daino


(bak) noun
the male of the deer, hare, rabbit etc. a buck and a doe.
(of a horse or mule) to make a series of rapid jumps into the air.
ˈbuckskin noun, adjective
(of) a soft leather made of deerskin or sheepskin.
buck up
1. to hurry. You'd better buck up if you want to catch the bus.
2. to cheer up. She bucked up when she heard the news.
pass the buck
to pass on responsibility (to someone else). Whenever he is blamed for anything, he tries to pass the buck.