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 (bŭk′ē-to͞ob′, -tyo͞ob′)
A fullerene nanotube.

[Shortening and alteration of buckminsterfullerene + tube.]
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(Elements & Compounds) informal a tube of carbon atoms structurally similar to buckminsterfullerene
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* Buckytube matrixless and composite structures and spacecraft components
Semeja una "tela metalica" pero por ser miembro de la familia de los fullerenos su origen puede derivar de la expansion de un buckyball (buckytube) de tamano no mayor de 1 nm.
He was much excited, then, by the addition of the buckytube (a single-walled carbon pipe, also called a "nanotube") to the ranks of fullerenes.
A year ago, stuffing a buckytube with atoms to make an ultrathin wire seemed a highly speculative proposition.
As a matter of fact, the discovery of fullerenes greatly expanded the number of known carbon allotropes, which until recently were limited to graphite, diamond, and amorphous carbon such as soot and charcoal Both buckyballs and carbon nanotubes, also referred to as buckytubes, have been the focus of intense investigation, for their unique chemistry as well as their technological applications in materials science, electronics, and nanotechnology [7].