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Thematic concerns in the book include environmental degradation, the question of identity, the future of pastoralism and moral issues regarding children.The journalist who is based in Transmara says that he categorises his writing as a bucolic which he has greatly borrowed from the famous idylls written by a Greek poet Theocritus who was the creator of ancient Greek bucolic poetry.
Lowell was a New England poet included in the coterie called imagistes, who sought to distance themselves from what they deemed bucolic poetry of too much sentimentality.
An even later poem that echoes the title of this one is "Ohioan Pastoral" (This Journey), a text that is a far cry from the unadulterated bucolic poetry of bygone times: Wright engages here in a kind of industrial pastoralism in which even the eyesores of the world are aestheticized in a kind of post-ecological gesture of acceptance of pollution and spoliation.