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(Placename) a variant spelling of Bukovina


or Bu•ko•vi•na

(ˌbu kəˈvi nə)

a region in E central Europe, formerly a district in N Romania: now divided between Romania and Ukraine. 4031 sq. mi. (10,440 sq. km).
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Cercetari privind influenta factorilor din sol si a altor factori stationali asupra rupturilor si doboraturilor produse de zapada in padurile din Bucovina (Research on the influence of soil factors and other site factors on snowbreaks and snowfalls produced in the forests of Bukowina).
These training courses were attended by numerous beekeepers from Bucovina, Ardeal and Banat.
In the weeks that followed, similar outbreaks of aggression occurred throughout the region and in the neighbouring district of Dorohoi near the borders of Austro-Hungarian Bucovina and Russian Bessarabia.
No caso de Viena, durante e apos a Primeira Guerra, vieram da "Polonia, da Galicia, da Bucovina e dessas provincias perto da Polonia e da Russia.
In order to achieve a prototype of a data mining system for hotel industry of Bucovina, we proposed two models of system architecture and we have studied some of their advantages and disadvantages.
Family or LTD's leading businesses in this area, fail to support their financial promotion on average and long-term and therefore there is reason for the offer of rural tourism to be made available to interested parties by subsidiaries of the National Association of Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism, and other local associations, such as: Association for the Promotion and Development of Tourism Maramures, Bucovina Tourism Association, Tourism Association of Harghita, etc.
For example, out of the interview with Dinu Giurescu, published in Ziua by Tesu Solomovici, the "inventor" of the minimizing formula "the asymmetric Holocaust", we learn that the same anti-Romanian reactions of the Jews from Basarabia and Bucovina led to pogroms and the deportation of the Jews by the Romanian authorities.
It offers a four-night trip to Bucharest from pounds 564 pp including flights and transfers plus a tour of Moldavia, with its high alpine pastures, the heritage-listed Painted Churches of southern Bucovina and the city's fortified, orthodox monasteries.
In Brodina there is a song called 'Canta cucul bata-l vina de rasuna Bucovina', which is all about the bird.
Written in 1958 and published in German as Kindheit: Fragment einer Autobiographie in 2003, the memoir of poet Moses Rosenkranz (1904-2003) contains recollections of a rural childhood, from birth to age 15, lived among Jews, Ukrainians, Romanians, Poles, and Germans in the Austro-Hungarian province of Bucovina. This English translation by Dollenmayer (German, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts) makes the work available to a broader audience.
Asi Gregorie Ghica, el principe que pago con su cabeza el valor de oponerse a la anexion de Bucovina por Austria en 1775, no devuelta hasta el final de la primera guerra mundial, leia desde hacia tiempo la gaceta de Altona, la gaceta de Colonia, y ademas las de Londres, Utrecht y Dos Puentes, asi como la Wiener Zeitung y la gaceta de Aquisgran.
As an encyclopaedic work structured around Romania's historical regions, the first volume covers the period 18541918, starting with the construction of the first railway, in Banat (1854), followed by Transylvania (1858), Dobrogea (1866), Bucovina (1866), the United Principalities (1869-75) and Bessarabia (1871).