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n.1.A sculptured ornament, representing an ox skull adorned with wreaths, etc.
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Inside many of these single-story dwellings were rooms ornamented with colorful pigments, animal heads, bucrania (bovine skulls), and horns embedded in stylized bulls' heads or attached to benches and pillars.
The representation of bucrania, garland, and human figures, female and male leads us to suppose they were remarkable funeral objects even in their time, made for the benefit of an aristocratic family and the descendants of those interred.
43) The association between cattle and ritual contexts--indicative of prestige display, sacrifice, and high-status feasting--is further illustrated by the well-known Vounous model and other rare representational ceramic models that were deposited in a small number of tombs and portray bucrania.
the sacral horns, double axe, dove and spiral motifs, snake worship, Mother Goddess figure, bucrania, tholos, etc.