Buddh Gaya

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Buddh Gaya

(ˈbʊd ɡəˈjɑː) ,

Buddha Gaya


Bodh Gaya

(Placename) a town in NE India, in Bihar: site of the sacred bo tree under which Gautama Siddhartha attained enlightenment and became the Buddha; pilgrimage centre. Pop: 30 883 (2001)

Buddh Ga•ya

(ˌbʊd gəˈyɑ)
a village in central Bihar, in NE India: site of tree under which Siddhartha became the Buddha.
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'And thus it was, O Fountain of Wisdom, that I decided to go to the Holy Places which His foot had trod - to the Birthplace, even to Kapila; then to Mahabodhi, which is Buddh Gaya - to the Monastery - to the Deer-park -to the place of His death.'
Maybe he will go with me to Buddh Gaya. Thence north and west to Kapilavastu, and there will I seek for the River.