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 (bo͞o′dĭz′əm, bo͝od′ĭz′-)
1. The teaching of Siddhartha Gautama that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire, that suffering ceases when desire ceases, and that enlightenment obtained through right conduct, wisdom, and meditation releases one from desire, suffering, and rebirth.
2. The religion represented by the many groups, especially numerous in Asia, that profess varying forms of this doctrine and that venerate Siddhartha Gautama.

Bud′dhist adj. & n.
Bud·dhis′tic adj.
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Adj.1.Buddhistic - of or relating to or supporting Buddhism; "Buddhist sculpture"
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Still, he recognised a most decided Buddhistic influence in Christ's teaching, and the words in verses 29, 30, and 31 are very reminiscent of his views in regard to the Christian Savior.
Legge, A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms: Being an Account by the Chinese Monk Fa-hsien of Travels in India and Ceylon (a.d.
(1) See Heinz Bechert, 'Buddhistic modernism: Present situation and current trends', in Buddhism into the year 2000 (Bangkok: Dhammakaya Foundation, 1994), pp.
The Buddhistic calm, or rather I should say apathy, rests on their huge faces, which have looked stolidly on many a change in Korea..."
Patanjali systematized and developed the pre-existing traditions, including the Upanishadic and Buddhistic systems, through his Classical Yoga text, the Yoga Sutra; a body of work of less than 200 lines.
Though there is something too peaceful about it, too Buddhistic, the feeling we are left here at the end.
Swami Vivekananda while describing cleansing of Buddhism from India wrote: "T he temple of Jaganath is an old Buddhistic temple.
(19.) Yoneo Ishii, "A Note on Buddhistic Millenarian Revolts in Northeastern Siam," Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 6, no.
Other recent stars of the auction include; a striking bronze entitled "Satan, L'ange Dechu" by Jean-Jacques Feuchere, dated 1833, which sold in February of last year for PS8,000, a painting by renowned Welsh artist Jack Jones, depicting a street scene with figures and a dog, which realised PS9,800 in May 2016, and a matched pair of gilt and enamel decorated Chinese Buddhistic altarpieces with carved jade panels which went under the hammer for PS11,500 in February of this year.
At this point, Babbitt (1908: 56-57) offers a definition of the highest degree of humanism: he first quotes an eloquent Buddhistic proverb:
With 1,600 Buddhistic temples, 400 shino-shrines, palaces, gardens and museums Kyoto is the most popular travel destination in Japan.
A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms: Being an Account by the Chinese Monk Fa-Hien of his Travels in India and Ceylon (A.D.