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Noun1.cost overrun - excess of cost over budget; "the cost overrun necessitated an additional allocation of funds in the budget"
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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Earlier in the week, a South China Morning Post report said the budget increase could be as high as 20 percent, which would have been the biggest hike since 2007.
At Thursday's meeting, the school committee incorporated several strategies to minimize the budget increase, according to a news release.
Modi government has added insult to injury by first ignoring the common man and farmer in the Union Budget and then giving a steep shock by the post budget increase.
The Shura Council's Committee for Arab, Foreign and National Security decided to postpone a decision on the proposed budget increase for the Ministry of Interior.
In the recent debate discussing delaying fuel duty, Mr Wright voted against a postponement, yet he voted to support a EU budget increase.
8% budget increase, equivalent to EUR138 billion extra, when the majority of member states across the EU are under mandate to enforce austerity measures imposed by Brussels already proving to be seriously damaging.
The budget increase is due to the sharp reduction in energy and food subsidies.
Similarly, Santiago's commercial section has received 124 per cent budget increase from 12.
The reason given by the government for the budget increase was 'heavy expenditure in the war on terror'.
By a 245-178 vote, the House of Representatives passed an omnibus appropriations bill on Wednesday, February 25, 2009, that would grant the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a budget increase of roughly $325 million for the fiscal year 2009.
The president's requested budget increase for the SEC would enable us to increase our staff and use new technology to pursue risk-based approaches that would better detect fraud and ensure stronger oversight of the nation's securities markets," said SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro.

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