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I told him I wanted a naked Tom Jones with Welsh flag budgie smugglers (covering a strategically placed doorknob) and he absolutely smashed it.
As p***ing contests go, this was always likely to be a no-win situation for Scotland's champions up against a team with the biggest Brazilian budgie smugglers that oil money can buy.
Caught up in the middle of all this is poor old Gary Lineker who has suffered the ignominy of being splashed all over the tabloids whilst sunbathing in the tropics with little more than his budgie smugglers and his infamous grin to protect him.
As the voice of Love Island, Iain Stirling could be expected to head for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe wearing budgie smugglers and a perma-tan, looking for his next conquest.
But I've tried to show that Victoria is actually, at the beginning of reign, a bit of a party girl Daisy Goodwin, writer of a series about the young queen If you were a foreign power looking to weaken America, you couldn't ask for anything better than Hillary Clinton as your president Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for the White House Watching those chiselled bods their budgie smugglers, I have keep tilting my head back so eyeballs don't fall out Writer Kathy Lette on watching the Olympic Games I like to drink - that is my curse, anything, but mainly beer, and that is the real killer Actor Hugh Grant, who says he
I have lost confidence in you" Owen Smith, challenger for Labour leadership, tells Jeremy Corbyn what he thinks about "I feel that It would be a betrayal to all of the Africans who have lost their lives, or who have suffered as a result of Empire" Former Liverpool footballer Howard Gayle explains why he turned down the offer of an MBE "Based on what we know from the Trump campaign, he wants America to work for him and his friends, at the expense of everyone else" Hillary Clinton hits back "Watching those chiselled bods their budgie smugglers, I have keep tilting my head back so my eyeballs don't fall out" Writer Kathy Lette on watching
BRITONS are pulling on budgie smugglers to go wild swimming, discussing starter marriages at stupid o'clock and sipping craft beer while planning their next elimination diet.
Which politician, famed for his budgie smugglers, won the general election in Australia in September?
It looks like we're to be spared holiday snaps of him cavorting under a waterfall in Venezuela in his budgie smugglers but it's still weird that after knowing him for about five minutes Chrissie seems closer to him than she is to her own husband.
But he looked confident yesterday as he told a laughing crowd: "You will be pleased to know I am in a suit, not in budgie smugglers.
You will be pleased to know I am in a suit not in budgie smugglers," he told Channel Nine, referring to his trademark name for swimming trunks.