a.1.Consisting of fur.
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The event was made possible by the support of a number of sponsors, including Secret Cities, Barney Cools and Budgy Smuggler.
Officials confirmed that Jack Walker, adviser to Australian Defence Industry Minister Chris Pyne, was among the men, aged 25 to 29, who were arrested after they stripped down to Budgy Smuggler-brand swimsuits decorated with the Malaysian flag in full view of thousands of spectators at the Sepang race track on Sunday.
Inderdaad was daar dienspligtiges nie net van die infanterie nie, maar ook die geniekorps (ingenieurskorps), artillerie, kavallerie (pantser), gemeganiseerde infanterie (mech), mediese korps, seiners en lugafweer (laasgenoemde soms budgy gunners genoem).