a.1.Consisting of fur.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Despite his enjoyment of the process, fans were not too happy to see it, praying they could "unsee" the image of Ed in his "budgy smugglers."
Officials confirmed that Jack Walker, adviser to Australian Defence Industry Minister Chris Pyne, was among the men, aged 25 to 29, who were arrested after they stripped down to Budgy Smuggler-brand swimsuits decorated with the Malaysian flag in full view of thousands of spectators at the Sepang race track on Sunday.
(3.) Inderdaad was daar dienspligtiges nie net van die infanterie nie, maar ook die geniekorps (ingenieurskorps), artillerie, kavallerie (pantser), gemeganiseerde infanterie (mech), mediese korps, seiners en lugafweer (laasgenoemde soms budgy gunners genoem).
I have, for many years, worked as a flight attendant for several airlines - including the Golden Budgy. From experience I can guarantee all vegetarians that if you have followed the following points, your veggie meal (or other special meal) will be on board:
The instructor observed his walking posture and proceeded to tell him that he had 'budgy tits' with which she followed, 'men like to stick their chests out to look manly or brave.'
Celtic fans feel the same about Jinky, Frank McAvennie and Paolo Di Canio.Then there's Charlie Nick striding into Aberdeen airport in a fedora, Justin Fashanu at Hearts and remember Claudio Caniggia pitching up at Dundee or John 'Budgy' Burridge at Hibs?The lower divisions even had nutcase heroes such as Chic Charnley at Thistle, St Mirren's Barry Lavety and Hamilton Accies' Vodka Vic Kasule.