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n. pl. quillback or quill·backs
A North American freshwater fish (Carpiodes cyprinus) that has one ray of the dorsal fin extending conspicuously beyond the others.


(Animals) a freshwater fish of the sucker family native to North America, identified by its long, quill-like dorsal fin



n., pl. -backs, (esp. collectively) -back.
a sucker, Carpiodes cyprinus, of the central and eastern U.S., having one ray of the dorsal fin greatly elongated.
[1880–85, Amer.]
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Teeman and Donna Hendrickson (Athens, Tex.) won the Bank--Team event with an enormous 11-lb buffalo carp.
So while we enjoyed lots of shooting at longnose, shortnose, and spotted gar as well as giant buffalo carp, the huge gator gar eluded us.
This method usually produces shots at other species, and I was able to save a little face by skewering one drum, one buffalo carp, three gar, and four grass carp.