Buffalo chips

dry dung of the buffalo, or bison, used for fuel.
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See also: Buffalo, Chip

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Say what you need to say and let the buffalo chips fall where they may, proud Lion.
On the use of buffalo chips for fire--it was easier than wood to collect and while the smoke was not good for cooking it would drive the mosquitoes away; buffalo chips put out half the heat of wood as the ash clings and does not fall away; cooked meat has "a very disagreeable taste of the dung".
Electricity can be generated from virtually any available energy source (nuclear, solar, wind, geo-thermal, coal, gas, diesel, ethanol, hydrogen, buffalo chips, etc).
Before, during and for a short time after the big hunt, everyone living or traveling on the Great Plains burned buffalo chips for heat and cooking.
Some of them were willing to show me even how to make the natural pigments with buffalo chips in fire and clay.
One of our customers proceeded to tell me about how he and his dad built a statue from buffalo chips.
The only one they didn't know was the use of buffalo chips.
We can offer you a 16-ounce supreme de boeuf, incised by our own butcher from the fore flank of a cornfed Holstein raised on our own Montana ranch, then slow-grilled over palmetto and buffalo chips at a temperature of.
They eyed buffalo chips in the fire rings with a wary glance--some ideas do not transfer easily to the 21st century.
Three miles east of South Pass City is the Atlantic City Mercantile - built in 1893 as the Giessler Store - where you can order a charbroiled steak and hear the Buffalo Chips play the banjo.
For example, one makes pizza, another Buffalo chips and a third smoked meat and fresh orange juice.
It also lists buffalo chips, chili, quesadillas, crab cakes, chicken wings and fingers, mild red chilis stuffed with cream cheese and topped with shrimp, hot links, steaks, prime rib, a variety of barbecued ribs, brisket, smoked tri-tip, smoked pork roast, a variety of stuffed hot chili peppers, a veggie plate and a fresh fish of the day.