buffalo nickel

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1.A United States five-cent coin minted from 1913 to 1937 having an image of an American bison ("buffalo") on its reverse, and an American Indian on the obverse.
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There, three small-time crooks plot to rob a man of his coin collection, the showpiece of which is a valuable Buffalo nickel.
Inspired by buffalo nickel, this round is made of .
The Buffalo nickel is also called the Bison nickel or Indian Head nickel.
There would be no buffalo nickel for an hour's work at the mill, for the silk of bow ties and scarves.
It turned out to be a facsimile of the Indian head side of the old buffalo nickel.
abandoned the Liberty Head nickel design when it began rolling out the Buffalo Nickel.
You're giving up your liberty, said Vi, whose notion was that the buffalo nickel replacing the liberty five-cent piece would commemorate Mama's wedding.
The charms include: Buttons from clothing; a buffalo nickel and a half penny; a plastic mini-pickle making a sour face; a bullet shell; a plastic toy action figure gun; St Christopher, my travel safety coin; a guitar pick; poker chips; and broken tiles from skatespots.
SMITH'S novels are Thin Men of Haddam, Country Music, The Vestal Virgin Room, Buffalo Nickel, Hunter's Trap, Understanding Women, Gabriel's Eye, Purple Hearts, and the forthcoming Steplings.
Letts' bravado matches his getup, as Teach wheedles himself into the half-baked plan by junkshop owner Don (Francis Guinan) to steal a coin collection after selling a buffalo nickel for what he believes was an unjust sum.
The Thomas Jefferson nickel debuted in 1938, nudging aside the 25-yearold coin known as the Indian Head nickel or buffalo nickel.
Let's say you're a fortune teller who specializes in divining your clients' supposedly "ideal" occupations by reassorting the letters in their names, and that one day the 12-year-old Ross walks into your tent, plunks down his buffalo nickel, and spells out his name for you.
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