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tr.v. un·der·ran (-răn′), un·der·run, un·der·run·ning, un·der·runs
1. To run, pass, or go beneath.
2. Nautical To haul (a line or cable) onto a boat for inspection or repair.
1. Something that runs under, as:
a. An amount or a quantity produced that is less than what has been estimated.
b. The difference between this amount or quantity and what has been estimated.
2. An undercurrent.


vb, -runs, -running, -ran or -run
1. (tr) to go beneath
2. (Nautical Terms) (tr) to check the hull of (a boat)
3. (Nautical Terms) (tr) to retract (a net or trawl)
4. (Broadcasting) (intr) (of a broadcast programme) to fall short of scheduled time
5. the degree to which a programme underruns
6. the action of going beneath
7. an undercurrent


(ˌʌn dərˈrʌn)

v. -ran, -run, -run•ning,
n. v.t.
1. to run, pass, or go under.
2. something that runs or passes underneath, as a current.
3. an instance of costing less than estimated.
4. a production run below the quantity ordered.
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The new drive features buffer underrun protection for reliable burns.
Posee el sistema Lossless Linking que permite pausar las grabaciones y continuarlas posteriormente, caracteristica que elimina los fallos conocidos como Buffer Underrun.
The device also features buffer underrun protection and comes with the Roxio software Easy CD Creator.
Using a slow source drive or attempting to perform multiple tasks while recording a CD can lead to buffer underrun errors that render the disc unusable.
Rainier support and the exclusive CD-RW Audio Track Edit system, Yamaha's Safe-Burn buffer underrun prevention technology with 8MB of buffer memory, the exclusive PurePhase Laser System (which reduces jitters while recording by 25%), a high-tech blue ice LED indicator light, and Yamaha's class-defining Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording System for mastering studio-quality audio and data CDs.
According to the company, JustLink automatically prevents buffer underrun errors by predicting them before they occur.
It shares with Plextor's new drive the so-called BURN-Proof technology that's licensed from Sanyo which essentially eliminates buffer underrun errors that can ruin disks during recording.
If data transfer is interrupted and a buffer underrun does occur, Spressa's special disc recovery algorithm seals off" the section of the disc where the error occurred, enabling the drive to utilize the rest of the disc.
The Xtreme52 features advanced CAV writing technology and SMART-BURN buffer underrun protection to ensure trouble-free burns.
Creative's latest CD-RW features new BURN-Proof technology, which curbs buffer underrun, or insufficient delivery of data to the drive from the PC.
Incidentally, Plextor is incorporating a technology licensed from Sanyo, dubbed BURN-proof, that pauses the recording process whenever it senses a buffer underrun.