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n.1.A sort of coarse stuff; as, buffin gowns.
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You guys definitely made an impact," said Dajshaun Buffin, owner of the dispensary.
Subs: Buffin, Stanislas, Barrera, Faye, Cole Cardiff City Probable: Marshall, McNaughton Hudson, Gerrard, Taylor, Cowie, Gunnarsson, Whittingham, Conway, Earnshaw, Miller.
The advisory board will consist of Baker; Tony Buffin, Groupe Aeroplan MD; and Rupert Duchesne, CEO of the company.
CAST MEMBERS Back, Emma Wagnar and Leanne Hobbs, and, front, Chloe Hobbs and Chanise Buffin.
Pierre Buffin, CEO of BUF Compagnie, Paris, adds: "For years our entire proprietary production pipeline has been established around mental ray -- it is the only rendering software that enables us to achieve the photorealistic visual effects that film directors expect of us.
Luc Besson and Pierre Buffin collaborated on several commercials and music videos, especially "LOVE PROFUSION" for Madonna.
Buffin has advised many of the world's leading financial institutions and industrial companies as well as national governments.
Gymnastics: Ivor Vice, Ken Buffin, Percy May, Glyn Hopkins, Cissie Davies, Pat Evans
Guests including Ashton Kutcher, Gabrielle Union, Ja Rule, Rachel Hunter, Funkmaster Flex, John Singleton, Michael Irvin ("The Longest Yard"), Dax Shepard, Will Estes ("American Dreams"), Guy Ecker ("Las Vegas"), Dorian Gregory ("Soul Train"), Kevin Willis (San Antonio Spurs), Will Demps (Oakland Raiders), Marissa Ramirez ("General Hospital"), RU (Pop Group), Jason Graham ("7th Heaven"), Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Buffin, Rick Gonzales, Rosa Blasi, William Romeo (Kickboxer) among others were treated to special performances by Keyshia Cole, Fat Joe, Ciara and DJ AM.
Pierre Buffin , Founder & President, Buf Compagnie, Paris