Bufo calamita

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Noun1.Bufo calamita - common brownish-yellow short-legged toad of western EuropeBufo calamita - common brownish-yellow short-legged toad of western Europe; runs rather than hops
true toad - tailless amphibian similar to a frog but more terrestrial and having drier warty skin
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Monitoring the conservation status of natterjack toad (Bufo calamita) in Ireland, 2004 - 2006.
(2007) Predation on amphibian eggs and larvae in temporary ponds: The case of Bufo calamita in Southwestern Spain.
Only one translocation project involving a rare or threatened species (the natterjack toad, Bufo calamita), resulted in the establishment of several self-sustaining populations (Denton et al.
Examples of such species include the Lesser Horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus hipposideros, the Natterjack toad, Bufo calamita, and cetacean species (sea mammals like dolphins and whales).
Banks & Beebee (1987) found the endangered Natterjack toad (Bufo calamita) sought ponds with particular physical and chemical properties that included steepness of the pond bank and pH.
In Britain, the acidification of ponds is a major factor in the endangerment of the Natterjack toad (Bufo calamita).
Percentage of gut in which taxa occurred Bufo bufo Bufo calamita Single- Mixed- Single- Mixed- species species species species pond pond pond pond Taxa samples samples samples samples Eukaryotic algae 100 100 100 100 Prokaryotic algae 77.5 71.7 55.5 62.5 Bacteria 20.8 33.3 17.5 30.8 Phanearograms 2.5 0 0.8 0 Fungi 0 1.7 2.5 0.8 Protozoa 14.2 5.9 10.0 4.2 Animals(*) 3.3 0.8 2.5 1.7 Pollen 2.5 1.7 2.5 0 Detritus 20.8 38.8 2.5 41.7 Sand 9.2 8.3 6.7 9.2 Note: Data are from 60 stomach analyses per species (20 from each sampling session) per pond, i.e., 120 stomachs per column with data averaged across the single-species or mixed-species duplicate ponds and across all three sampling sessions.
Effect of predation by two species of sympatric tadpoles on embryo survival naterjack toads (Bufo calamita).