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Noun1.Bufonidae - true toads
amphibian family - any family of amphibians
true toad - tailless amphibian similar to a frog but more terrestrial and having drier warty skin
genus Bufo - type genus of the Bufonidae; common toads of New and Old Worlds
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Some form of visual display has been reported in 12 families of anurans, including Myobatrachidae, Brachycephalidae, Hylidae, Centrolenidae, Leptodactylidae, Cycloramphidae, Dendrobatidae, Bufonidae, Micrixalidae, Phrynobatrachidae, Rhacophoridae, and Ranidae (Hodl and Amezquita, 2001; Vasudevan, 2001; Hartmann et al.
Therefore, based on diagnostic mouthpart characteristics, the three tadpoles (MVZ 61061) cannot be attributed to North American Bufonidae (Lemm 2006; Altig and McDiarmid 1999), and are that of the California treefrog, which concurs with the original identification of R.
A total of 199 amphibians were captured during the survey period, including five families: three families of anurans (Ranidae, Bufonidae, and Hylidae) and two of salamanders (Plethodontidae and Salamandridae).
The Amargosa toad is a member of the family Bufonidae, which includes North American true toads.