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a. A style of soul music popular in the mid 1960s, sometimes including Caribbean musical elements.
b. A style of dancing performed to this music.
2. A form of urban dance originating in the late 1960s, involving undulating, fluid body movements and briefly held poses, performed to funk music.

[Probably alteration of boogie or boogie-woogie (perhaps influenced by hullabaloo).]


a type of dance performed to rock and roll music
to dance a boogaloo
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If your tween spends half their time breaking and popping or you're mum to a bugaloo baby, then the Step Up Academy Open Day is definitely calling to you this weekend.
49) When Sam the Sham and the Pharoes recorded 'Old MacDonald had a Bugaloo Farm' in 1968 it was promoted thus: '[t]he classic is brought up to date in today's selling bag by that master of groovie novelties'.
At the Common, just up the street, the garden club will join with the West Boylston Arts Foundation for a fall festival that will include a scarecrow contest, children's activities, food and entertainment, including the Bugaloo Swamis, bluesman Rich Brown and the Central Massachusetts Dance Academy.
Her boogie-woogie number thus became a dedication to her teacher -- "I'm crazy about Bugaloo Ames," she said -- while the Nile River ran through another song lyric.
A third feel under pressure to buy certain brands, spending almost pounds 1,000 each on baby kit such as designer clothes and Bugaloo buggies, a survey of 1,015 women by web bank Egg revealed.
I experienced this firsthand on the jet-skis and powerboats of Bugaloo Adventures in Gordon's Bay.
BUGALOO BAND 16-1(8-13)Tracked leaders in 3rd, ridden and no impression from over 1fout,8th of 15,4l behind Alexander Ballet (8-11)at Bellewstown 5f mdn stk gd in Jul.
Adults will laugh at the puns, such as "Click Darks American Batstand" where bats dance the shrug, bugaloo, and many other favorites.
Fuck all night, bugaloo all day: each orifice has its special form of having fun.