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 (bo͞o-găn′də, byo͞o-)
A region and former kingdom of eastern Africa on the northern shore of Lake Victoria in present-day Uganda. It was a British protectorate from 1894 until 1962, when it joined independent Uganda.


(Placename) a region of Uganda: a powerful Bantu kingdom from the 17th century


(buˈgæn də, byu-)
a historic kingdom of East Africa, located N of Lake Victoria and W of the Nile in Uganda.
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Noun1.Buganda - a state of Uganda and site of a former Bantu kingdom
Republic of Uganda, Uganda - a landlocked republic in eastern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1962
capital of Uganda, Kampala - the capital and largest city of Uganda on the north shore of Lake Victoria
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In general, the government is not very well liked among the Buganda people.
In May 1902, two of the most distinguished converts of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) - Apolo Kagwa (1865-1927) and Ham Mukasa (1870-1956), respectively the Katikiro (prime minister and regent) of Buganda and his secretary - came to England for the coronation of King Edward VII.
The 'extraversion' of Ashanti or Buganda did not run to the import of weapons of mass destruction, or to the maintenance of client regimes by means which range from the allocation of development aid to the imposition of foreign troops.
Ivor Agyman-Duah reports from his recent visit to one of Africa's longstanding kingdoms--that of Buganda.
In addition the Buganda Land Board (BLB) retains significant land holdings in and around the City.
While the Europeans published pamphlets in defence of their anti-Indian politics, Africans voiced their opinion against Indians primarily in Sekanyolya, a newspaper edited by a Buganda expatriate in Nairobi.
The 1920s Bamalaki movement, co-founded by my great-grandfather, saw him and his comrades banished from their native Buganda for insisting that Christian teaching should not be the monopoly of the white missionaries.
To discover the alleged birthplace of Robusta, we go to the bygone land of Buganda, now known as Uganda.
He advised CID to prepare the charges and forward them to the Resident State Attorney at Buganda Road Court for subsequent proceedings.
In an attempt to give them legal rights over the plots of land they occupy, the Kabaka has established the Buganda Land Board to administer his land and to issue titles.
Kingdoms that had been historically antagonistic to one another such as Buganda and Bunyoro in Uganda were linked into the same colony.