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 (bo͞o-kôr′ō, -KHô′rō) or Bu·kha·ra (-kär′ə, -KHä′rə) also Bo·kha·ra (bō-)
A city of southern Uzbekistan west of Samarqand. It is one of the oldest cultural and trade centers of Asia and was capital of the former emirate of Bukhara from the 16th to the 19th century.


(bʊˈxɑːrə) or


1. (Placename) a city in S Uzbekistan. Pop: 299 000 (2005 est)
2. (Placename) a former emirate of central Asia: a powerful kingdom and centre of Islam; became a territory of the Soviet Union (1920) and was divided between the former Uzbek, Tajik, and Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republics


(bʊˈkɑr ə, bu-)

also Bokhara

1. a city in S central Uzbekistan, W of Samarkand. 236,000.
2. a former khanate in SW Asia: now incorporated into Uzbekistan.
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The hotel will also be taking the fine dining experience to a new level as it introduces one of Asia's most popular luxury restaurants - Bukhara.
UTair operates flights from Moscow to Tashkent and Bukhara.
President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on February 16 at the meeting with the representatives of Peshkun district of Bukhara region again criticized the employees of the National Security Service of the country and equated their activities with repressions of the 1937s.
PESHAWAR -- Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar takes great pleasure in announcing the re-launch of its Bukhara Roof Top Bar-B-Que restaurant with an entirely new look for the complete satisfaction of its valued guests.
Built at a cost of more than $400m in a project won by Technip of France and JGC and Marubeni of Japan, the plant at Bukhara has a capacity of 50,000 b/d.
Rumi By Bukhara (Mount Pleasant, L3) Rumi By Bukhara is voted 51 out of 1,290 restaurants in Liverpool on Tripadvisor and currently has 1,290 reviews.
Ahmad Rajab Rizk, an Egyptian professor at Cairo University, said architecture of Bukhara gave Islamic architecture several aesthetic properties which contributed to spreading Islamic culture and scientific renaissance.
Bukhara, the signature Indian restaurant at Kempinski Hotel Ajman is holding the second annual Ajman Kite Festival on January 16.
Abu Dhabi: An NYU student from Abu Dhabi had the rear opportunity to comb through the archeological remnants of Bukhara in Uzbekistan, once a bustling centre on the fabled Silk road.
5 million in 2 of its plants in Bukhara region, reports Uzbekistan Today.
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