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n.1.(Zool.) An East Indian insectivorous mammal (Gymnura Rafflesii), somewhat like a rat in appearance, but allied to the hedgehog.
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40 264211630 , In atentia: Iulian BULAU , Email: um01020_dej1@clicknet.
Later Ranying created the first man, named Manyamei Tunggul Garing Janjahunan Laut (or Manyamei) and the first woman, named Kameluh Putak Bulau Janjulen Karangan Limut Batu Kamasan Tambun (or Kameluh).
The first man was called Manyamei Tunggul Garing Janjahunan Laut and the first woman, Kameluh Putak Bulau Janjulen Karangan Limut Batu Kamasan Tambun.
Others to be inducted in 2014 include the late Sarah Burke, a rising Freestyle Skiing star until her untimely death due to training injuries, ski jumper Horst Bulau and Canada's Olympic figure skating silver medallist Elizabeth Manley.
In 1876 Gottard Bulau of Hamburg developed the system of the underwater drainage of the pleural cavity.
On a raw April morning at the foot of the 260-metre hill, once dubbed 'Little Norway' by the locals, it's not hard to imagine legendary ski jumpers like Horst Bulau launching himself off the 120-metre jump and riding the wind currents down to the roaring crowds gathered below.
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The officially recognized supreme deity of the Hindu Kaharingan religion is known as Ranying Hatalla Langit/Jatha Balawang Bulau (Baier 2007:566).
40 264211630 , In atentia: BULAU IULIAN , Email: um01020_dej1@clicknet.
However, such an assumption is probably not even necessary, as the existence of an East Dusun cognate lungan is documented in a 100-year old article of Te Wechel's (1915:51), where he reports the following incident from the village of Buntok: "In the village there was a person who, having recovered from a long-term illness, promised to sacrifice to all the Gods, and because the Dayak--especially those in West Dusun--sometimes claim that the earth and the air consist of 7 lapis or floors, our Buntok man constructs a bamboo scaffold--a lungan bulau or gold field--but with 8 floors, out of fear of missing one heaven.
22) "[E]s hatte dort jemand nach iiberstandener langandauemder Krankheit versprochen, alien Gottem zu opfem, und weil man bei den Dajak--vor allem denen in West-Dusun--manchmal behaupten hort, die Erde und die Luft bestehe aus 7 lapis Oder Etagen, stellt unser Buntok-Mann ein Bambusgeriist her--ein lungan bulau oder Goldfeld jedoch--mit 8 Etagen, aus Furcht, einen Himmel zu ubergehen.
Lewu Tatau Habaras Bulau, Habusung Hintan, Hasahep Bati Lantimpung, Hakarangan Bawak Lamiang, Hapasir Manas Marajan Bulau - Lewu Tatau Dia Rumpung Tulang Rundung Raja Isin Dia Kamalesu Uhat, freely translated as "Prosperous Village of Gold Sand, of Diamond Beaches, Carpeted With Silk, of Jasper Pebbles, Heaps of Jasper Beads, Grand Place Where Bones Never Decay Carrying the Burden of the Glorious Flesh, Where the Muscles Never Tire" (Schiller 1987:37).