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 (bŭl′bəl, -bĭl′)
1. A small bulblike structure produced in the place of a flower or in a leaf axil, and having the ability to develop into a new plant.
2. A bulblet.

[French bulbille, diminutive of bulbe, bulb, from Latin bulbus; see bulb.]
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(ˈbʌlbɪl) or


1. (Botany) a small bulblike organ of vegetative reproduction growing in leaf axils or on flower stalks of plants such as the onion and tiger lily
2. (Botany) any small bulb of a plant
3. (Zoology) any small bulblike structure in an animal
[C19: from New Latin bulbillus, from Latin bulbus bulb]
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(ˈbʌlb lɪt)

a small bulb or bulblike structure, esp. one growing in the axils of leaves or replacing flowers.
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Noun1.bulbil - small bulb or bulb-shaped growth arising from the leaf axil or in the place of flowers
bulb - a modified bud consisting of a thickened globular underground stem serving as a reproductive structure
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The crop that is propagated from the bulbils or rhizomes is planted at a depth of 3cm and a spacing of 3.
Leeks produce bulbils at their base; leave these to grow in place to produce an ever-expanding clump of thin leeks, or separate and transplant bulbils to create a standard crop.
In Costaceae (Zingiberales) and Marantaceae (Zingiberales), bulbils are produced in the axils of inflorescence bracts (Jenik, 1994), a branching type closely related to false vivipary.
After three weeks, small bulbils will grow at the bottom of the scales.
The manual and organic method is to dig them all up - you are trying to remove the bulb and bulbils (very small bulbs attached to the bulb).
Suppression of adhesion molecule expression by phenanthrene-containing extract of bulbils of Chinese Yam in vascular smooth muscle cells through inhibition of MAPK, Akt and NF-kappaB.
The bulbils of Allium sativum are ground into paste with cow and goat milk.
There is a variation of increment in flower production, flower quality and in the production of corms and bulbils as a function of the size of the planted corm (Hossian et al., 2011).