bulimia nervosa

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bulimia ner·vo·sa


[New Latin būlīmia nervōsa : būlīmia, bulimia + nervōsa, feminine of nervōsus, nervous.]
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He's still more beefy than bulemic despite hitting an Italian health farm in the summer - but was the toast of the Valley after hitting the woodwork and fashioning a gallery of chances, including the cross for the 82nd minute strike from Chinese star Zheng Zhi that broke the stalemate.
She spent most of her teens and 20s agonising over her weight and at one point admits to being borderline bulemic. "I tried every diet out there without much success.
Chrissy, Sara's best friend, is bulemic. Her sense of self-worth is so fragile that she is consulting Web sites on suicide and contemplating options for ending her life.
The swords had been converted, not into plowshares but into shares of stock in the burgeoning industries of bulemic consumption, which were proving even more proficient at sp reading over the Earth and taking dominion of it.
One of the album's 12 tracks, Bulemic Beats, features a Welsh concert harpist.