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 (bo͞ol-gō′gē, po͞ol-)
A Korean dish made from sliced beef that has been marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, and other ingredients and grilled, usually eaten by wrapping the meat and accompanying condiments with lettuce leaves into bite-sized morsels.

[Korean : bul, fire (from Middle Korean pı̷r) + gogi, meat (from Middle Korean kòkí), so called because the dish is traditionally grilled over an open flame.]
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The thought of pizza brought me back to the menu and with Alvin's awesome aid I chose the Crust & Crema Special (BD4.9) and the Pollo Funghi (BD4.5) as our crusty delights, preceded by an order of the Roasted Chicken Salad (BD3.2) and the Bulgogi Cheesesteak sandwich platter (BD4).
can chow down on burritos, tacos, gogi bowls and nachos made with Korean-inspired ingredients like gochujang pepper sauce, Bulgogi steak and housemade kimchi.
Mohammad's dishes included over 10 types of pizza and her signature dish, Korean chicken Bulgogi. A self-made cook, Mohammad crafted her talent through YouTube videos and could not hold back tears of joy when she was announced a winner on Sunday.
Palisoc said the other concepts that are open for subfranchising are TGI Fridays, Bulgogi Brothers, Fish and Co., Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant and Modern Shanghai.
The other concepts that are open for sub-franchising are TGIFridays (one of the world's most recognizable brands in American casual dining) Bulgogi Brothers (a South Korean chain that offers traditional and classic Korean cuisine like barbecued meats and steaks) Fish and Co.
We suggest ordering pizza and meat platter at The Village Tavern, breakfast slammers at Denny's, spicy chicken wings at Buffalo Wild Wings and bibimbap at Bulgogi Brothers.
Since debuting her first video on YouTube, Longest has cooked up everything from traditional Korean bibimbap and bulgogi to the staple American Chinese dish chicken chow mein and popular Vietnamese pho noodles.
Wagyu bulgogi tacos, eel paired with foie gras and finished with balsamic soy, jalapeno peppers stuffed with chicken tsukune (meatballs), and kimchi-glazed Brussels sprouts.
With the presence of K-pop and Korean teleseryes, the Korean presence was very strong the past years to the point where samgyupsal and bulgogi fever was the choice of the dining public and the Millennial market.
For a taste of the Orient, Aldi have classic spring rolls or some unusual Hirata Buns: there's Oriental Style Pulled Pork or Korean style British Pulled Beef with Bulgogi Drizzle and Ginger, or Lemongrass and Pepper.