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 (bo͞ol-gō′gē, po͞ol-)
A Korean dish made from sliced beef that has been marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, and other ingredients and grilled, usually eaten by wrapping the meat and accompanying condiments with lettuce leaves into bite-sized morsels.

[Korean : bul, fire (from Middle Korean pı̷r) + gogi, meat (from Middle Korean kòkí), so called because the dish is traditionally grilled over an open flame.]
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The Korean foods include Bulgoki, Kimchi, and Tukboggi, as well as Kurdish and international fast food.
Butano shogayaki - pork marinated with ginger - is particularly popular with younger guest, while bulgoki - meat marinated with rich soy sauce - is a chef speciality.
I have it on fairly good authority that that bulgoki and kim chi are difficult to find back home on the reserve.
MasterCook Heritage Edition contains more than 800 traditional recipes such as Irish Lace Cookies, Southern Chess Pie and Korean Bulgoki.