bulimia nervosa

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bulimia ner·vo·sa


[New Latin būlīmia nervōsa : būlīmia, bulimia + nervōsa, feminine of nervōsus, nervous.]
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If you are eyeing for Teen bulimia treatment you have come to the right place.
Prior to 2003, all meta-analyses of bulimia treatment used the fixed-effects model.
We analyzed posttreatment effects by combining effect sizes generated immediately after the bulimia treatment.
Last year there was a worrying 47% rise in under 18s admitted to hospital for anorexia or bulimia treatment.
Nutritional counseling as an adjunct to psychotherapy in bulimia treatment.
An overview for college counselors of the literature on bulimia treatment outcomes is presented for purposes of screening, treatment, and referral.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is widely recognized as the preferred bulimia treatment for adults, whereas family therapy is used in teens with anorexia nervosa.
Several studies have used prior medical records and self-reports to estimate the long-term effectiveness of bulimia treatments among women in their 20s.